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               Musician Available - Bass 6/24/2018---3:04:08 PM---

First Name:  CHRISTIAN 
Last Name:  MORALES 
Band Name/Company:  N/A 
Address: 413 East 5th Street Apt C    Map
City: Long Beach 
State: California 
Zip: 90802 
Country: USA 
Phone: 3233335649 
Gender: Male 
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  • have over 20 yrs experience in all acpects of instrumements, being bass gutair my passion, key board, piano, experimenting with different sounds and veriations, i'm a creator of music to where my music could have words but my music creates it own slightlent words for the indiviual lisener i bring musis and harmoney and peace together for a new sound that will memerize you if you would like samples they are avalible for the listing I mostly work and create by myself but enjoy working with other talent musicians that have the passion to create music just play a few beats and go from there to create an asumesound that pleases everyone i am the guy you can create with I be an asset toto any one who has the same desires its in my head my bones 24/7musis is me and i play the music for them I have the connection to the univer and I tap into it from there the sky is the limit if you can relate to what I just said them we should get together sooner than lateruniverse visionary thats is what is all about hit me up I'm sure we will make it happen have some comensation would be a plus but if not possibe I sure the barter system could work out fine please only seiousssame mind et need to responedlooking forward to hear from the seious one In my book we are all equali only see one color and that is nuteal email if I sound like the guy you are looking me 323-810-0236  
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  • i have been in numous band over the years, played numerous gigs some free, some paid I do it for the passion I know I will make my mark and express my passion to people that need this musice  
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  • I am a free lance person I would perferr a paid contract but if I see other oppertunites that my ariase then I will take that chance it is like playing the lotto you win some you lose some but one day the big pay off commes in. feel free to call me at 323-810-0236 or email me @  
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