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               Teacher - Voice 5/22/2018---12:37:19 PM---

First Name:  Daniel 
Last Name:   Knowles, MA 
Band Name/Company:  Daniel Knowles Vocal Studio 
Address: 971 N. La Cienega Blvd.     Map
Suite: 209 
City: Los Anegles 
State: California 
Zip: 90069 
Country: USA 
Phone: (310) 927-1079 
Web Site:
Gender: Male 
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  • Master of Arts Candidate in Communicative Disorders: Speech-Language Pathology Professional Voice (Speech & Singing) Rehabilitation and Medical Master of Arts in Music Education: Vocal/Choral Pedagogy and Performance California State University, Los Angeles Classical and Non-Classical Singing Techniques Post-Baccalaureate in Communicative Disorders: Speech-Language Pathology California State University, Los Angeles Bachelor of Arts in Music: Vocal Pedagogy and Performance California State university, Fullerton Associate in Arts in Music: Vocal Performance Rancho Santiago College, CA National Association of Teachers of Singing The Voice Foundation * Voice and Speech Trainers Association * Music Teachers of California California Speech-Language-Hearing Association  
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  • My students include beginners as well as established local, national, and internationally recognized performing/recording singing artist, as well as other singing teachers, actors, producers, recording engineersÖ Celebrities, as do all singing students, have a right to their privacy. I do not use them in advertising or otherwise over represent my contribution to their technique or success. I am a Singing Teacher and Singing Voice Specialist. That is; I am trained at the Masterís degree level in both classical and non-classical singing pedagogy and, in addition, speech-language pathology. I train singers and I help speakers and singers that have damaged their voices through voice rehabilitation. There are three main categories of speakers/singers that have come to me, or I come to their hospital room, for voice/speech rehabilitation: 1) The speaker/singer that has had a serious medical event that affected their speech/voice (e.g., surgery, stroke, TBI, Parkinsonís disease, etc). 2) Singers that have developed vocal nodules due to poor singing training from uneducated teachers (I see this all the time here in Los Angeles), and 3) Singers that have had excellent singing training but they developed voice problem that can be traced directly to their speaking voice (e.g., having to shout at work, concerts, sporting events). The rock, pop, and R&B singer, to name a few, deserves that same caliber of teacher than an opera singer. In fact, I have never seen an opera singer that has to sing as much in an evening as a rock singer. Different genres of music have singers that sound different because they use their voices in different ways. To think that, for example, a music theater singer or rock singer uses the same technique as an opera singer (the infamous one-size-fits-all over-lowered larynx) is old and unfounded. This also applies to voice size (e.g., large sound vs. small) and gender as well. I use technology, which I have been trained in, to help the singer ďseeĒ the sound theyíre making; Evidence, not bullshit! I have been trained in healthier belting and belt mix (Hint: itís not about a low larynx!). Breathing/support is often the first wrong thing I have to deal with due to the singerís poor, or no, training (FYI: You donít sing from your diaphragm- itís a muscle and muscles only contract one way- when itís done bringing in air, along with some of your ribcage muscles, itís done!). I base my exercises on to main things: 1) Evidence based practice (the teacher needs to know the anatomy and physiology of the speech/singing mechanism and why an exercise supports the vocal goal of the singer, and 2) Teach what professional singers do, not some hobbyist-teacher who donít know what theyíre talking about. Students are taking singing lessons to learn, not waste their money on a teacher didnít make it. I design each studentís vocal workouts to fit their particular voice structures, style(s), and goals. I know there is no one singing teacher that is perfect for every singer, until then I keep learning so I can be a better teacher.  
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  • My studio is not in my apartment, it's a real business in a real business building. Please check my website for my resume/CV and prices.  
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