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               Musician Available - Keyboard 8/10/2022---4:08:25 PM---

First Name:  John 
Last Name:  Camp 
Band Name/Company:   
Address: 106 Pritchard Road    Map
City: cornwall bridge  
State: Connecticut 
Zip: 06754 
Country: USA 
Phone: 860-672-4240 
Fax: 860-672-3523 
Web Site:
Gender: Male 
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  • John Camp is a music producer, veteran professional keyboard player and backup vocalist. He has a proven track record in a wide variety of musical situations and formats. He is an accomplished musician that entertains the crowd with an abundance of styles including rock and roll, blues, country, rockabilly, pop, dance, funk and boogie woogie. John has performed professionally for over 40 years, and has worked with many top name entertainers. As a composer, producer, arranger, and audio engineer, he has written and arranged a wide variety of songs at his music studio in Northwestern Connecticut. For the last 18 years, John has lead and managed a highly successful commercial party band performing hits from the 1950ís to the current day. He is also highly skilled in sound engineering and computer re-inforced music techniques. This has enabled his band/group to reproduce and perform music that mimic the original recordings. This is accomplished on top quality sound and vocal equipment coupled with John presenting his musical skills on the latest top quality NORD and Roland keyboard synthesizers.  
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  • Performance Venue History Bushnell Theater (private events) Torrington Country Club Cornwall Inn Kent Firemanís Ball Annual Bridge Dance (West Cornwall CT) Litchfield Inn Falls Village Inn Litchfield Little Britches Riding Program Benefit Salisbury Prep School Newport Polo Club Branford House Lake Waramug Country Club Wampanoag Country Club Farmington Marriot Fairview Farms Country Club Avon Old Farms Hotel Simsbury Inn Kent Affordable Housing Benefit Connecticut Valley Porsche Club (50th Anniversary) Farmington Country Club Pratt and Whitney Corporate Picnic Mohawk Ski Lodge Rooster Tail Inn Litchfield Business Association Fundraisers Corporate Event (San Jose California) Chipannee Country Club  
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